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HP Microserver N40L Network issue


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Hi guys, have an interesting issue that I am struggling to figure out. I have Virgin 200mb broadband. On my microserver gen8 i get the full speed when testing, but on my N40L i only get between 80-110mb. They are both on the same network, connected directly to the router. 


I have checked the status of the network card in windows and it shows the speed as 1gbs, also i have tried a different cable. Any idea what could be causing this ?





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The first thing I would check for would be an updated driver for the N40L NIC.

Did that, installed the latest driver I could find from HP, also checked the firmware. Same issue. 

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Old thread; one of the flaws of the G7s is that the onboard NIC does not support jumbo frames.  It uses a brain damaged Broadcom 5723 ethernet chip.  If your G8 is using jumbo frames then that's the issue for the disparity of network performance.  The G7s will always be the worst performance with the embedded NIC.  This is a common complaint of the G7s.


The original HP Microserver which is a G7 most likely was an experiment by HP to see if it would sell which is why they used cheap components for it.  Turned out it's a very popular NAS platform.

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