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Is it possible to set up multiple backup "sets" in WHIS 2011?


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Hi All,


Another random question: is it possible to set up multiple backup "sets" (not sure what the right word is!) in WHS 2011? What I mean is, If I want to use 2 different drives for backup i.e. use 1 to backup the data from one data drive, and another to backup data from another data drive?


I tried to use 2 disks in the "normal" backup menu from dashboard, but it just shoehorns me to use the 2 backup disks in an offsite rotating backup scenario.


Is there a way to use the non-dashboard backup options and set up "backup set 1 for Data disk 1" and "backupset 2 for data disk 2"?!!

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From what I recall,  I dont believe WHS2011  was able to do multiple backup sets as you described within the server dashboard itself. 


I do this very simply with external software - Crashplan - which does work in WHS2011


for my media,  I have two backup "sets"  -  one going to a local USB drive and the other is being sent to a USB drive to my brother in another state -  (  He also backs up to me !!)


while I have the safety of offsite backup , the convenience of a local backup is nice if you have a spare drive around. 


ditto for my documents/photos -  I have a backup set going to a USB drive but the same set is also backed up to Crashplan's Cloud service, Which I highly recommend. 





There are similar alternatives to Crashplan -  check the forums for what others can recommend. .    Crashplan is free for local or NAS backups -  you only pay for a cloud backup

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