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Noisy power supply fan (PSU) on ML10v2


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I just install my new ML10v2 and upgrade all firmware. I read some post about the noisy, and I see have some firmware issues solved more than 1 year ago.


I thinks my system as noisy. I open it, and manual stop (yes i know that is wrong) the system fan, iLo say is 9% only. Noise don't stop. I check the PSU and check that noise are from here, i think this is the 2 wire 8 cm fan into the PSU.


Any with this problem?. I don't know is this fan is pwm controlled by iLo or all times are 100%. 



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I just change the default fan for a amazon bouth Artic Cooling F8. 


The noise of the artic cooling is very low, but the air flow is lowest to the original. I don't know if i will have in the future problems with this, if have a will buy a new silent power supply and made the 10 custom pin.


This is the link for Amazon USA fan.



For installation, yellow cable unconnected. 


In Amazon Spain, only 3.50€.

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The PSU fan is always on and can't be adjusted from software. If you think it is excessively noisy then you need to get HP to swap out the PSU.

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