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Did some speed testing on a MacBook Air (2010, so not AC).  All downstairs, away from primary router.

Downstairs, away from primary router (Linksys) but next to the Netgear extender

5Ghz on Extender - about 120 down, 11 up

5Ghz connecting to the Linksys upstars - about 170 down, 11 up

2.4 GHz on the extender - 30 down, 10 up

2.4 Ghz off the upstairs Linksys - 50 down, 8 up

2.4Ghz on an Airport Express I set up on  the 2.4 GHz extender SSID, and right next to it (but with same SSID) - 16 down (I didn't try up) - wow that was worthless!


Is there a good app I should be using to better gauge network speed?

How would my Mesh idea improve on this


It seems the primary annoyance is latency - once I have connection I am OK, but in the spots where family is frustrated, it is often watching the status bar on the browser SLOWLY moving along.  Obvious multimedia impact too!

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If you have something hard wired on your local network you can test against I highly suggest running iperf3 network tests. There is an iOS app called Free iPerf that can run as both a client or a server to test speeds both directions. And for OS X or Windows there are native iperf3 binaries available.


Check out the other threat for my testing experiments to see what I did: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10787-wifi-testing-standards/


I also recently discovered that netSpot (OS X app) has a site survey mode that lets you do active tests using iperf3. So, you can use a floor plan of your house as a guide, do tests in many places, and generate a heat map of coverage. I have only briefly played with that but it's pretty cool.

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