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Newbie can't see SSD to install Windows


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Annoying newbie here.

So I have a new Gen 8

Kingston SSD connected up to the SATA ODD

4 x 3tb drivers waiting to be installed


I have Windows Server 2012 on a USB but when I try to install it doesn't find the SSD.


I have looked in the BIOS, set boot order etc.

But seem to be be missing something (probably very obvious)


Any Dummies guide and tips welcome.



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Ahh so here I show my newbie status. I don't know what it's set to.

I don't even know where to set it.

Can you direct me where to check.


Thanks in advance for being rubbish at this

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You can boot from the SSD plugged into the ODD port if you only use RAID mode for the controller in BIOS. This should be the default though. 


This is where you change it. Press F9 to enter the BIOS and follow the image in the link. (I am away from the server so I cannot give you the exact captions.)



Just don't install the HDDs until you have completed the installation of WS2012.


If you want to use AHCI, you have to use a MicroSD card to move the bootloader from the SSD onto. But if you are going with RAID, then this should not be a problem for you. 

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Thanks for the updates, currently going round in circles.


I loaded W2012 R2 onto the SSD

Then setup the Array with 4 HDD's

I then couldnt see the SSD


I set up an Array with just the SSD

This half killed W2012


I am now trying to boot to the USB, however it doesn't find it, thinking it is the C Drive.

In the Boot Order, it states

1 USB DriveKey (C:)

2 Hard Drive C: (See Boot Controller Order)

3 PCI.....


I have now deleted the SSD Array.

And rebooting to see if the USB will be recognised.


THe above regarding moving the Bootloader is a little above me, though doing some googling..

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In AHCI mode you can not boot from the ODD SATA port if there are other drives in the front bays. If you want to use AHCI and boot from the ODD SATA port, you need to use a boot loader. When you say you set up the array with 4 hdds, where did you set them up?

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I'll have a try tomorrow, I like a challenge...




Of note, or not,  have  the HDD's and SSD setup in 2 arrays.

The SSD is set to legacy mode.

But still not showing up in W2012 install


(can't figure how to get my images here, flickr or direct upload :(

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Hi, I've just started reading about boot loaders.


Regarding the 4HDD's 

I setup RAID 0+1 in the HP BIOS/Array software

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