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Some newbie questions regarding DHCP + ILO, Reboots and Java ...


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Hi Guys,


I have a couple of questions as I am still struggling with setting up my Gen 8 which I have attached an SSD, 16GB ram and sdcard



(1) ILO & DHCP  - At the moment I have assigned a static IP address to the Gen8 from my router. Do I need to turn off DHCP on the Gen 8?.  what impact will that have if I plan to into multiple vm's in EXSi?


(2) Gen8 Keeps rebooting - Though no OS installed, I noticed that at the moment the Gen 8 keeps rebooting . I this normal?. I thought BIOS's use to just halt  post loading when no OS is found ( ... I remember this from like back in the days).


(3) Unable to mount ISO in remote console on my MAC OSX. It appears that while using Java to launch the remote console on my mac machines, I cant mount ISO's. Is this a bug in OSX & JAVA or i need to enable something else?






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1) When you've already assigned an IP address from the router, iLo receives that address trough DHCP. By disabling DHCP on the Gen8, iLo cannot receive the correct IP. If you Disable DHCP in iLo, you should be able to assign a manual address. You can do one or the other, that is leaving things as is, or disable DHCP and assign a manual address in iLo.

2) That is normal

3) I really have no idea, as I don't own a MAC. I don't know if there is such a similar tool for MAC but for Windows, HP has a iLo client tool you can use. Try searching one for MAC.

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Thanks very much.


I plan to use the Gen8 for storage and running a couple of vm's .


I am just about to install ESXi 6 and my plan is to test out xpenology, nas4free, freenas and windows before settling down 


Do i install ESXI to usb stick  the whole  SSD or a partition on the SSD?


thanks again

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