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Verizon to offer smart phones on monthly contract


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Verizon service in my area actually works very well!


On a recent camping trip to a lake north of town, my Iphone 3GS was at 3 bars and on EDGE.

The guy across from me was on Verizon with 4 bars and 3G (or 3x whatever they call it).

His download speeds were far faster then mine..


So is Verizon becoming the better cell provider??

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Not to knock the iPhone but I have to wonder if part of the "AT&T sucks" deal isn't the iPhones fault. When Apple announced that “we were shocked” about miscalculating the signal strength making it display even more than what was available in my mind shows that it is a design problem with the phone. After all you don’t hear of other AT&T user complaining of dropped calls and other issues.


If it makes it to Verizon we'll know the answer to that question. I'm new to the Big Red but so far it has been every bit as good of service as I had with US Cell as far as coverage and signal strength. Good speeds when tethering my netbook and never a loose of network connection.



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Well what do we have here?

Engadget story/


Looks like this would fill in for am few months while I wait for VZW to get the Win7 phone or that Apple phone thing.


Yea, very nice and about time. But, be prepared. You know damn well those phones won't be cheap. My guess is 200-300 more than the 2-year price...



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