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Windows 10 to esxi


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Hi I recently rebuilt my gen8 it was on ahci windows home server 2011. I put windows 10 on it because the backup feature did not work well with windows 10 on my other computers so didn't really need 2011 anymore. I made my 120gb ssd raid 0 and my 4x 500gb drives raid 10 it is quieter now fan at 6 percent. I have now managed to upgrade the cpu to an i3 3240 and have 16gb ram coming from 3gb ram. I couldn't really think about esxi before due to ram but now would really like to do it. I use it on my TV to run kodi to watch films I have a hd 5450 graphics card and have seen I think some success with people passing video through. I am still not 100 percent sure if it will work and don't want to go through it all to find it is a waste of time so thought I would see what people think first maybe I need to upgrade my graphics etc. Bit of a long babble post would be really appreciate the advice. My old gen7 is at my sisters house windows 10 using kodi on her TV and is my backup source so I would like to have different vms for backups etc that won't disturb people watching films.


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