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Can't recognize logical RAID on Linux


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This is my first try with a ML10v2.


I have 3 hard drivers of 2 tb.

I just create a raid as following.

2 HD - RAID 1

1 HD - Unassigned


Following the posts, i just updated my firmware using SPP and configure the Smart Array with iLo using the SSA included on the SPP iso. Array is created ok, if reboot i can see the array.


I just check in the BIOS that the PCI Smart card is enable, and the mode for SATA is Smart card instead of AHCI.



When I try to install Proxmox I have 3 hard drivers for choose to install, but i think i only can see 1 (raid 1 logical) or 2 (raid 1 logical with phisical unasigned).


What i'm doing wrong?.



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The B120i RAID controller on the ML10v2 is actually the SATA controller inside the Intel chipset with a HP BIOS and HP driver. Setting it to RAID mode means the HP BIOS is used but you still need to supply the HP driver in the OS. The HP driver needed is the hpdsa module but it is binary only and only available for RHEL/CentOS + Ubuntu. Proxmox is not supported.


Note: The hpdsa driver is not the same as the hpsa or cciss drivers. The hpsa + cciss drivers are for the real HP Smart Array cards and won't do anything for the HP Dynamic Smart Array software RAID controllers.

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Thanks a lot for the reply.


I'm thinking to buy a cheap Smart Array P410 because i can get at good price (~40 USD) with battery and 512 cache. Do you know if this card work transparently without install a Drivers?. Because i will use proxmox directly or debian + proxmox.



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