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HTC Desire on US Cellular


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I'm going to see how the wife likes it before I jump back into USCC. I still want to wait for a Verizon announcement of the iPhone 4. That and check out the Win7 phones.


It is nice though!

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HI Dave,


A friend got one for his wife but I haven't seen the phone yet though. Looking forward playing it with it just to see none the less. On paper it's a nicely specd phone that should run well.


A few things for the "owner." Uninstall the task killer, Android doesn't need it. This is "the great debate" in the Android world. But I can tell you with out a doubt my Droid X stop misbehaving once I uninstalled my task killer. Trust me you can read this until your eyes bleed but from my point of view they are not needed. If the system wants that task running it will just start it back up anyway.


I'm sure there is crapware loaded on it (City ID needs to die!) and most of it cannot be uninstalled. Also sometimes getting an OTA update requires the phone to be stock. So consider that before rooting the phone or making mods to it that can't be undone. Since the phone is new I'm not sure just what kind of hacks are out for it yet. But their will be work on it that will allow you to put it back to stock if the need arises. The DX considered by many at least to be un-hackable almost has full custom ROM support now only a few weeks after launch.


I have no clue if the boss is a power user but if she is like any other female I've known she is a texting machine. One fine free text app is Handcent. I really like it. Find it in the market. Another must have app Bar Code Scanner. Trust me when you see this work you will just go wow. There are also flash light apps that turn the camera LEDs on which come in handy when you need some light. A nice calendar apps is Jorte that syncs up with Google calander and works real nice for takings notes and setting to do tasks also. If she uses Outlook calendar there are tools from Google that will allow her to synce without a lot of work. That's been the hardest part for me was moving from MS to Google but the two are slowing working on fixing things. Oh and go to AppBrain for an easy way to use your PC to browse apps. Nice things about it is you can build “lists” of apps on the phone so you always have them backed up. Another cool thing is it has QR codes that the bar code scanner can scan right off the screen on the PC and take you straight to the market link to download it.


Well that's enough to get her started. There are many good forums for ideas, help and support so seek a few out and do some reading. I have found these places to very helpful in getting me started with Android.


BTW I did all of this on my netbook tethered for free over WiFi using the X as the connection. Long live the root! :)



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Good stuff fasthair. The "owner" is not your typical smartphone user. She will send only a couple of txt messages so that app is out the window. She will like the barcode reader app. I had it on the iphone and we liked it. She already has it sync'd to her work exchange server and is getting email and calendar updates on the fly. That was one of the primary goals for the phone.

I'll keep an eye out on the task killer app. The big test is tomorrow to see how long the battery will last. Today she left with it only half charged and it died at the end of the day. So far so good though!

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