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My New Acquisition - Ubiquti UAP-AC-PRO


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My biggest issue with my Asus Router and even route is apparent latency. Speedtest and others show the expected 60 down, but still pages can be slow to load.

Funny enough things do seem better when I run Linux while in dual-boot on my notebook.


Going to try backhaul on Eero via powerline and ultimately run ethernet when it cools down a bit. Just too hot in my attic right now. I do have cable where all my Eero devices

are. Do they do good enough and save me some attic and under the house time for now?

Since you have cable aka COAX at each Eero location have you considered trying MoCA? I have heard Actiontec MoCA 2.0 performs very good and will give you close to 1GB speeds. Yes it will add more cost over just running Eithernet but you save on time consuming labor.


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itGeeks, that's fine, and I'm glad you love the product.  I'll be happy to discuss that one too, but I don't want to get too far off track in this thread since I'm focusing on a Ubiquiti product.

You are missing the critical point with Wifi - the weakest link in the chain is the transmitter in the *client* not the AP.   The AP could have the best radio in the industry but it cannot defy basi

It should be.  I have several friends running a single LR for a whole house who are happy with it.   The main differences are that the LR is 3 x 3 802.11n, but only 2 x 2 802.11ac (the UAP-AC-PRO is

I have, but Eero isn't compatible with MoCA.


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Could you please explain? I don't see any reason it should not work.

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I emailed them and they said not compatible with the referenced Actiontec adapter.


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