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HPT 3520 Question


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Hey Guys,


I am have been trying to find some information and I am getting conflicting reads.


Sounds like this might be a question for pcdoc, but I would like input from anyone that knows...


I want to break some Raid 1 arrays on my HPT 3520. What is the best way of going about doing this without losing data?


Do I do a OCE/ORLM to a jbod? If I do are the 2 drives then seen as one whole drive or 2 separate again? I don't know which way HPT does it...

or do I just delete array and reboot?


One other question...  What is the highest HPT Raid Management web gui this card supports? I have 1.5.6, but when I tried v2.5 it ate my machine and caused all kinds of problems.

Trying to connect with the web gui made I/O errors on an array. I uninstalled it and everything was back to normal. V1 sucks, would like to run a newer V2 if at all possible.

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