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HPT 3520 Question


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Hey Guys,


I am have been trying to find some information and I am getting conflicting reads.


Sounds like this might be a question for pcdoc, but I would like input from anyone that knows...


I want to break some Raid 1 arrays on my HPT 3520. What is the best way of going about doing this without losing data?


Do I do a OCE/ORLM to a jbod? If I do are the 2 drives then seen as one whole drive or 2 separate again? I don't know which way HPT does it...

or do I just delete array and reboot?


One other question...  What is the highest HPT Raid Management web gui this card supports? I have 1.5.6, but when I tried v2.5 it ate my machine and caused all kinds of problems.

Trying to connect with the web gui made I/O errors on an array. I uninstalled it and everything was back to normal. V1 sucks, would like to run a newer V2 if at all possible.

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    • rodzynx
      By rodzynx
      A few months back I had a very simple setup of my N54L where all drives were simply connected and in case of any problems I could connect them to any other computer and read the data.
      Since I moved to Gen8 I decided to invest and take advantage of Raid 1.  The Idea is brilliant as this will protect me from a failure of one drive but will it protect me from Hardware failure?
      So my questions are; If a build in controller dies:
      Is it possible to keep, save, retrieve written data (assuming that both drives are working)? Would I be able to just connect the drives to any Raid controller or does it have to be the identical controller (another gen8)? How to protect myself from that kind of scenario? If let's say I have OS drive in ODD bay can I reinstall windows, not touching any of arrays) and still keep the data or reinstallation of Windows will destroy the configuration. I think it should be ok as the array is not software but just wanted to check before I start messing around with reinstallation.  
      Thank you
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