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Chrome Browser no longer auto launches the keyboard in Surface Tablet


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I  posted this on the surface geeks forums last week but there doesn't seem to be much activity 


I recall a high proportion of surface tablets during the meetup so I thought I repost here


Yesterday,    the Chrome Browser on my Surface 3  stopped autolaunching the touch keyboard.


frustrating -   loaded / reloaded Chrome -   didnt help   


Reset the Surface 3 -  same issue


called Microsoft support  -   no help.



Today, on Thrurrott.com,  one of the comments on  a post mentioned that Google dropped auto launch support in Chrome


is that true ?    Is google trying to screw with surface users ?   the touch keyboard had worked flawlessly since I got the surface 3 back in November


I would rather use the Edge Browser but its a no go without Last Pass and Adblock plus support.  


There is a "touch" extension that sorta works but if you load it into your tablet Chrome it also shows up on all your desktop instances of Chrome !!!!

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It hasn't on my Dell Venue 8 Pro for a few months now. So it's not just the Surface, its Google doing this for no reason.


When I upgraded to Windows 10, I lost my Modern/Metro IE (IMO the best tablet browser ever made). But Chrome was a suitable second.

Now it's nearly useless.


I really hope Edge gets a mobile version. There were so many great things about the Modern/Metro version of IE that no browser ever even came close to doing.

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Follow- up


in the last couple of days ,  the "touch" features of the Chrome browser on my Surface 3 started working again -    I checked the update list and I do not believe it was a Microsoft update but a Chrome Browser update.


took me a day or so to find out as I had been using the on screen keyboard.  


Dont know if others have experienced this also but try it. 


Looking forward to using Edge -  the  rendering engine is superb for a table form factor and it it fast.   But as good as the guts of it are,  without ad block plus and lastpass its almost unusable for me

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