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I guess I should have stated it better, but what I actually meant was if you are a new user to this type of product you should start with untangle due to its simpler interface, and not implying it is only for new users.  As for the changes under the hood, I look forward to someone testing to see if the web filtering and application filtering in Untangle is on par with XG.  Don't get me wrong, the new Untangle is a great product and blows away just about every store bought router solution out there.  You cant go wrong using it but at the end of the day, each of us has a different objective when deploying a solution like this, and for me the main purpose was the filtering/blocking so I do not get hammered like I did last year.  In my limited knowledge of both, I just found XG to block more than Untangle did but it certainly could be in how I set them up.  I am no expert in either but only comparing my what I saw.  When it comes down to it, ease of use does make a difference as no matter how powerful something is, it does not help you if you cant make it work.  Both are great solutions and both are better than pFsense (IMO) and ultimately it will boil down to personal preference but for me, I will stick with XG for now because of content/application filtering.

Thanks for taking the time to clear up what you where saying. I do agree with you in that XG does a great job at blocking and scanning maybe to good of a job hence is y so many of us are having trouble using it in a home environment. XG is not intended for home use and Sophos is proud to say that on the other hand Untangle does cater itself for both business and home use and in fact the CEO of Untangle has said in the webinar they are looking to invest deeper into the home user and v12 with the great new pricing shows they are committed to just that. As for the changes under the hood please have a look below. There is one new feature that on the surface should greatly inprove the scanning/blocking of Untangle.


"Untangle CloudTM

With version 12, Untangle has further extended the capabilities of the NG Firewall platform to integrate with the Untangle Cloud, an intelligence infrastructure that powers the onsite instances of NG Firewall with global insights from threat intelligence metadata. Virus Blocker is the first app to utilize the Untangle Cloud, performing a cloud scan concurrently with a local scan, resulting in greater protection against zero day and emerging threats. Additionally, version 12 uses the Untangle Cloud to improve email deliverability, ensuring that administrative alerts aren’t missed."


Highlighted changes http://www.untangle.com/untangle-ng-firewall/resources/release/

v12 Changelog http://wiki.untangle.com/index.php/12.0_Changelog

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Thanks for the heads up. I've used Sophia item before but found the learning curve too steep. I've used untangle in the past but wanted more than the free web filter offered and did not want to pay th

Good spot! I've switched to it. Can't argue for $5 per month!

Hi,   Noticed today that Untangle now do a $5/month or $50/year home user licence for their "NG firewall complete".   Has anyone used Untangle, how does it compare to Sophos UTM?    


Have yet to find something that compares to latest Sophos UTM 9.3, but have never tried any interaction of Untangle. Are they both UTMs generally offering same functionality? IPs, QoS, OpenVPN, etc?

Short answer yes. They both even share some of the same underlining technology's such as Snort for IPS, Untangle uses Bitdefender for there paid AV and Sophos uses there own as well as a secondary company but can't remember hew. Take it for a test drive, There are two ways you can do that either with a 14 day trial or you can login to there demo site and have a look around.


Demo site http://demo.untangle.com/auth/login?url=/setup/welcome.do&realm=Administrator

I deployed it in a VM using their OVA template.


It has 4Gb RAM allocated, (default was 2Gb) and is showing 40% utilisation. CPU is 2 cores - it doing next to nothing CPU wise.


Here's a screenshot of my dashboard :-



psykix -- A bit off topic but what are you using for your screen capture programs?

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I have deployed a UT VM and had a good play tonight, liked it a lot but I have reverted to UTM9 for now.


Major issue for me is that the IPSec VPN module WAN listen address is set at config time and doesn't follow any WAN address changes.

So if your WAN is DHCP and the IP address changes, UT will inform Dyndns correctly but its useless for VPN because the listen address on the IPSec server is not changed as well.


Their help FAQ even says you need to change manually :(


Can I use IPsec on a server that uses DHCP to get its external address?

It is generally recommended to use IPsec VPN only on Untangle servers configured with static IPs. However, technically it can work with DHCP, but you will need to reconfigure the tunnel whenever the IP address actually changes. On some ISPs this is rare and servers will often have the same IP for months. On other ISPs IPs change daily. 



I'll contact their support to see if there are plans to change this...


Out of interest, did you use the OVA to deploy the VM?


I think there is an issue with it, as it gets provisioned as 80GB storage, but Untangle only ever sees 7.92GB.


What should happen is that it is thin provisioned as 80GB and Untangle sees 80GB available, but the VM on disk will be much smaller - then VMware will allocate more storage as it is required.


I see other posts on their forums along the same lines.

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Out of interest, did you use the OVA to deploy the VM?


I think there is an issue with it, as it gets provisioned as 80GB storage, but Untangle only ever sees 7.92GB.


Yeah, I saw that too with the OVA.

As it was just a try-out, I didn't worry too much as I would have installed direct from ISO if I were going to use it to replace Sophos...

That seems rather dumb, I would put in a feature request for this.



I emailed their support and they said that their developer had said that using IPSec with dynamic addressing wasn't reliable, which is why they do it manually.

I pointed out that Sophos works fine, as do my Vyatta installs, but didn't get a further answer back...


Guess they have lost a customer as I rely on VPN access...

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Untangle has an application control app.


Yes it does and used both the old and new but it just was not as effective for me, but as I stated it might just me.

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This will be an interesting and ongoing topic as all these products are getting better and better.  Glad to see the competition and attention being placed toward the home user.

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