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Black screen after early system initialization (HP Proliant ML10 v2)


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Here is my computer:
The HP Proliant ML10 v2 with i3, 4Gb of RAM

Seagate SATA HDD 1Gb



I intend to install Windows from a bootable USB and I have created one.


I assemble everything and boot up the server. The screen said something about early system initialization. It went fine until the PCI installation something. The monitor went black screen and nothing appeared. The computer is still running. I don't know what happen. Maybe something wrong during the hardware assembling?

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You tried the onboard VGA socket? You need to set what is the primary display adapter in the BIOS. Be aware that the iLO remote console only works with the built-in Matrox adapter inside the motherboard chipset.

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Also have another question about installing the Hard Drive into HP ML10 v2. I plug it in but when I boot the computer, it does not detect it. (Logical volume array not found)

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You need to set the drive up in the B120i RAID controller or switch to AHCI?

How do I do that?

I boot up the computer. It runs the POST then goes into a starting screen with lots of HP option (Smart Array... and a check box next to the title).

I got this message:

1785-Slot 0 Drive Array Not Configured 
Run Array Configuration Utility
It said something about press F5 to run the ACU. I press F5, it said press F8 for the iLO and F9 for the ROM based utility set up.
I don't know what to do now.
I can boot from an USB but I have no HDD to install Window. I have plugged the HDD but it still cannot detect the HDD
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F5 to setup the drive in the B120i

F9 to go into setup to change the B120i to AHCI

If you are going to stay with the B120i you will need to have the driver for it available to install the OS.

What version of Windows are you installing?

Have you updated your server to the latest BIOS and Firmware?

Have you reviewed these links:


John has posted tons of setup and install videos on YouTube:


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