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Some question about N54L - Need help


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I am new in the forum and i have read some posts here, they are really helpful, thank you!


I have an HP N54L with the 4 hard disk drives at this moment.
I have Windows server 2008 R2 at this moment
I have those drives:
1.- 3 TB
2.- 4 TB
3.- 6 TB
4.- 1 TB with the SO Windows Server 2003 --> This was failing and i have changed it for a new 6TB drive.
I have the DVD tray with the DVD installed at this moment.
I have purchased a 6TB drive (to change the 1 TB with the SO that was damaged) because i wanted to install there the SO but i have seen that i have to use GPT to use all the disk space in this new drive and i cant install there the Windows Server 2008 R2 (it need to be MBR).
So here some questions:


Is it possible to add an SSD easily for the SO? Do i have to remove the DVD tray?

Is it needed a bios update to do this? I have not changed the bios and if its possible i wouldn't want to do that .-(
Is there any step by step tutorial about doing this (adding an SSD to the N54L)?

Other option i am considering:
I am thinking in purchasing the Windows Server 2012 to install the SO in the 6 TB drive because i could use GPT partitions with the 2012 version.
Is Windows server 2012 compatible with N54L?

Or do i have to change something in the bios?

Thank you!



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Sorry that you got no reply on this.

In general I stay away from mixing OS and data drives. I would recommend putting the OS on a SSD or small drive. You would need to remove the DVD to have space for the SSD/HD and that would free up a SATA port for it. The SATA port for the DVD only runs at SATAI speed. You could also add a SATA or RAID card to give you more port choices.

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