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Moving from XPenology to ESXi, preparing setup


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Ich just testet it one time. Was Wirkung with my G1610T. Ich prefer emby. There is also a omv plugin


Gesendet von meinem Nexus 5X mit Tapatalk

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I've always found issues with Plex transcoding large blue ray HD 1080p content, unless you have a good bare metal CPU. e.g. Plex states 2000 CPU Passmark required per stream.


It's clearly personal, and depends on what original files you have, that need transcoding, e.g. a poor quality 700MB file, requires less transcoding and performance than a 40GB 1080p Blue Ray rip, I know some will transcode to a smaller file to start with, but for me that's time I cannot be bothered to do. I might as well stick the blue ray in the blue ray player.

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I can't understand why somebody want to use XPenology.... It's a propriotary os that been cracked,, hacked how can it be trusty? How some can put valued data in such system?

There's lot of trusted solutions out there FreeNas, Nas4free, RockStore Linux, OpenMediaVault that using a hacked OS is an aberration!


I think this is a bit harsh. ZFS is very unflexible if you can only mount four harddrives. Any upgrade operation becomes extremely complicated. Synology OS supports BTRFS out of the box. With BTRFS you can grab the smallest disc in a pool (parity protected) and then add a bigger one while being able to use all of its storage space.


If any of the other solutions have proven BTRFS support I would probably use that instead.


EDIT: I guess what I am saying, I basically agree with you but I would use XPenology/Synology OS rather than choosing a NAS software that only supports ZFS

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Did you already take a look to Rockstor Linux?


It based on BTRFS ;)


Few links:




Yeah wow, that looks like a promising project. I dug around a bit and found this (old) comparison to FreeNAS. Pay particular attention to Active Developers (2) and Project Commits (9):




Fast forward to today and company now has 17 employees, 16 contributors on Git and 5138 commits.




I guess they are quite serious about their project!

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