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Starting Fresh. N40L. OS? Drives?


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I have a N40L with 8gb ram and the modified bios that is running WHS 2011 with Drivepool, 4-1TB WD refurbished Green drives for storage and a 500gb 7200RPM OS drive. My main use for it is a file server, don't back up my PCs on it.  It sat for years and still seems to work but man does it feel dated. Now reading a lot about Win 8 as the OS with Storage Spaces, I do have a spare license I can use, is that the same as DrivePool? Or can I run DrivePool within Win 8 and which is better? And what is "Bare metal" something or other? Man I'm out of the loop for so long things have changed. Hope my trusty N40L is up to the task.


My plan is to get 2 2TB drives to start with, which ones not sure yet, and eventually get another 2 2tb drives and get rid of the refurbed green drives. I do have a spare 256gb M4 ssd I can use as the OS drive if that make s big difference, if not I'll save it for something else and get a new OS drive.

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