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HDD Noise, humming


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I´m very happy for my HP MS Gen 8.


But where i live know, its standing behind our courch.


That´s lead us to the problem.


I can easyly hear the HDD´s are spinning, Zuum, Zuum, Zuum..


It´s not the fan!


Can i fix this somehow?

Does anyone have a solution ?

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Get quieter drives? NAS drives in particular are inherently quiet.


Or, check if parts are vibrating/resonating. Anything from a piece of folded paper or adhesive tape might help dampen the vibration.

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Do you have a cabinet you could put the server in? You would need to provide air flow, but that is about the only way to silence a server.

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I found the problem.


If i put a finger on the top of the cabinet, the humming is gone.


So now my hdd dock is on the top of it for now, I will put some antivibrant rubber on the inside

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