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Third party RAID cards - slow boot


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Hello guys,


Just wondered about other peoples experiences with 3rd party RAID cards?


I don't have a P222 at the moment - mainly because of the cost! (over the last 12 months they've almost doubled in price in the UK).


Right now I have a 3Ware 9750-8i installed, but have other cards to play with too (LSI 9211-8i HBA, LSI 9361-4i + others).


Strangely what  I've noticed is that the gen8 microserver happily boots with these cards installed. My OS even starts from the ODD port in AHCI mode, however there is a strange side effect.


The best description that I have is this...


During the last stages of the BIOS loading procedure the text on screen starts to delete itself (animated), but it seems to do so in slow motion! If I remove the 3ware or LSI card, then the BIOS seems to proceed at a reasonable pace.


Its one of the strangest things I've seen for a good while. Any ideas how to resolve?


Once the system is up and running things behave nicely and the RAID performance is very good.


FWIW I have a pretty recent firmware running on my box. Installed the latest from HP's silly DVD download disc only a couple of months back.





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