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Hi guys - So i'm planning on building a value rig around the fact that the price on 1366 x5675's is very cheap now.

I want to run a dual 1366 machine so far the confirmed factors are.

http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/QPI/5500/X8DAL-i.cfm- Reasons Dual socket 1366 + Audio onboard + ATX form factor.

PSU Corsair AX760i (Has the dual 8pin EPS plugs I need) Please can someone confirm if this is ok)

To be selected.

RAM! So I want to stack the thing with as much fast ram as possible. Can someone give me a used ram kit as an example for me to buy which is the fastest that this board will support etc and most capacity.

I'm going to run a raid card of some sort this has yet to be determined. 

Also does anyone have experience with using corsair water coolers with xeon 1366 mounts?

VGA will be something that supports my 3 big real estate monitors.

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