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Any non-IT interests?


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I have the wife, the house, no kids.  Will probably be moving house in the next few years, annoyingly further away from the railway, but that's the breaks.  I'll just have to get up a little earlier. :P 

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Wife, two kids, church volunteer (video editor, backup drummer, sound and lighting engineer), and also recently took up flying quadcopters.


Past hobbies:

Ham radio (VHF/2-meter) and for a short while, DX-Listening on HF

RC 4x4 cars

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I have several hobbies, but I have been paring down recently as I cannot support (time wise) all the hobbies I have.


Travel and Photography, Much of my life is geared towards getting to travel and take landscape photos, predominantly panorama's


I spend quite a lot of time both at the range and out in the bush shooting and hunting (as you may have guessed from my avatar), this is my primary interest at the moment, but unfortunately due to the distance I am from the range (2 Hours Drive/220KM/140M) its a little hard to get there as much as I want.


Closer to home I engage in other items that bring in supplies to the house, at the moment I am playing with Aquaponics (and I stress playing) among other things.


4WDing again not many places to do this (legally) around where I am so I do not get out much.


SCUBA Diving - Close to the water but with work and that taking up most of my time I do not get out much. That and my brother needs to catch me up in certifications so we can both go diving again.


Radio Control Submarines, Boats, 4WD's, Tanks, and Aircraft. - This is so far down the list at the moment its not funny.


Others have pretty much been totally let go and some of the ones above will probably be pared down further or let go entirely soon enough. Some are intertwined such as the 4WDing and Hunting.

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