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8T WD Red Drives


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Well, got the 5TB Red running, no problems at all with it.  Drive looked physically perfect, runs silently, etc.


The 8TB Red was a brand new item, not recertified.  It has a bit of a vibration.  It makes a horrendous noise when fitted to the standard Fractal Design HDD tray.  It is fine, though in my Dell T20.  In the bay beside a Seagate Archive v2 8TB, it runs at basically the same temperature, so I can't see how it'd use less power than the Seagate.  It does however write quicker than the Seagate as there's no shingling involved. 

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Latest update.  


The badly vibrating Red has settled down.  It's quite quiet now.  


I bought another 8TB Red, it's silent and has now vibration.


I also bought a 8TB MyBook, and shucked the drive out of it.  The drive inside is a white-label WD80EZZX, which runs very nicely.  At £189, it was just under £100 cheaper than the 8TB Red.  Hints from WD's reps say this is likely what will become the 8TB Blue.


All three 8TB drives are going in to a Drobo 5D, which will be running off an Intel NUC 5i5RYK.  I don't think I can get any smaller, and my server is moving back in to the hallway shelving unit.  With a house move coming soon, I'm sorting out all the stuff I have and trying to sell it off.


My 5TB Reds are sold, the Seagate Archive 8TB drives are now my cold backup drives.  

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Ok, so I bought 2 of the WD80EFZX Reds, one for each Microserver.


A few things to note:


1) In AHCI mode, the drive is not recognised

2) If you change AHCI to B120i mode you need to power off completely afterwards, it would hang on detection and the array utility said the controller was offline with a hardware issue.

3) After a poweroff the drives were detected in RAID mode.


Currently having some very noisy fan issue with 50c HDD temps (although not when I check the readings in array utility, they are correct, around 30).

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Latest update from me regarding my 8TB WD drives.


I've been consolidating and reducing the size of my home network (basically the wife wants the spare room back!), so currently my setup consists of:


Dell Optiplex 3040 SFF, i3-6100, 16GB DDR3L, 240GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD (8W idle, less than a NUC!)

Drobo 5D with 2x WD80EFZX and 1x WD80EZZX and a 256GB SanDisk X110 mSATA in the cache slot (don't use a SandForce drive in the cache!  Marvell controllers work great).


The EZZX was shucked from a super-cheap 8TB MyBook.  It seems to run much quieter than the "real" 8TB Reds, both in motor noise and accessing noise.  At £185, it was almost £110 cheaper than buying a bare 8TB Red.  The Drobo is perfectly happy with the EZZX.


As for the Drobo, I'm really impressed by this device.  I ran it for a month or so before putting it in production, using a few old drives.  I swapped drives, let it rebuild, ran it with a drive missing - basically tried to break it, but it survived just fine.  Performance is great, giving between 140-210MB/s reads and writes with the three 8TB drives.

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