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Raspberry Pi 3


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FCC filing for a Raspberry Pi 3


Precise details are sketchy since it hasn't been officially announced yet and part of the FCC filing is marked as confidential still.


The main change is 2.4GHz WiFi (802.11n I assume), Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE support.


It has 1GB RAM as the Elpida RAM chip is the same as the RPi 2. The rest of the connectors appear to be the same as well.


The WiFi/BT appears to be done via an extra chip and not integrated into the main SoC. No idea if the SoC has changed since the FCC photos are far too fuzzy to determine the part number.


The official magazine has a spread page inside for the next issue. It indicates it is 64 bit now and runs at 1.2GHz.

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