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anyone using onedrive with whs2011


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Just installed OneDrive last week on my newly built WHS 2011 server!


I cheat - I copy my local network files TO the OneDrive USB drive, which I force-sync via ROBOCOPY!


That way, I have My Documents sync'd to a local USB drive (that can be taken to the PC I'm using if the spit hits the fan), which is then copied out to OneDrive!

I sync manually once a week, but, it could be scheduled to make it automatic!


No errors, no issues, no BS!


I might like to try this.  Working good for you?  I'm not familiar with ROBOCOPY but will look into it.  How would you make it automatic to copy to OneDrive?

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This is my CMD file to start the forced sync :

@echo off
echo My Documents > USB > OneDrive
robocopy "e:\shares\my documents\." "o:\OneDrive" /mir /v /xf ".849C9593-D756-4E56-8D6E-42412F2A707B" /log:"OneDrive Copy.LOG"


Launch, then wait for OneDrive to finish the sync upload.....


The /xf line (eXclude File) only targets the OneDrive directory, that does NOT need to be sync'd.

E: is a SATA hard drive, O: is my 16GB flash drive with my local copy of all uploaded to OneDrive!

I then log the entire transaction to be able to review it each time for issues!

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