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ML10v2 Drive Cage

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Right so change in cable worked BUT when connecting it onto the onboard sas port it always wanted to boot from slot one when my main boot drive is on sata 5. I found this work around https://community.hpe.com/t5/ProLiant-Servers-ML-DL-SL/HP-ML10-v2-set-the-correct-boot-order-for-HDD/td-p/6838815 so i'm going to do that and remove the hot plug cage and backplane and put the the stock on back in. Shame as i've spent weeks/months waiting for parts to come up so I can have hot swap ha. I know I could have the P222 handle the raid side but would prefer software via OVM in case the raid card dies.


OK i think this server is out to get me



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3 hours ago, stretch said:

Will LSI 9211-8i do the trick think it's the same? Guess it won't show in ilo though? £39 on eBay. Or the Fujitsu variant D2607 £26

The 9211 is a good choice. You will need to load the IT firmware.

This is a good guide as to which LSI product support JBOD:

Here is the original guide to making LSI cards HBA with IT firmware:


More LSI info:


The Fujitsu D2607 should be able to run IT firmware, some have had issues, but looks like it works here:



Sorry to reference another forum, but STH has a wealth of info LSI/OEM controllers and firmware.


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Many thanks [mention=3464]schoondoggy[/mention] I have purchased a cheap dell H200 card. Re https://forums.servethehome.com/index.php?threads/dell-h200-flash-to-it-firmware-procedure-for-dell-servers.467/ would it play nicer in the ml10 if I flash to DELL 6GB SAS HBA controller (IT mode) or switch to LSI original firmware after? 
I would think LSI firmware would be best.
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