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G1610T, 4GB RAM, win2012r2, Hyper-v not possible?


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Hi all!

I just bought my first ms and my initial thought might not be able to run on current cfg.


OK, so right now this machine is all standard, nothing extra at all.

Running an SSD in bay 1 for the hypervisor install and a RAID1 on another array.


Win2012r2 installs just fine, it all works as expected, till I install Hyper-v, after the initial reboot the system restarts, when trying to load the OS the BSOD apperars (page fault in nonpaged area) :(.


Any ideas? Is this just because of the Celeron or should I look at something else?


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Running Memtest86 now, so far no errors.. .
I sure hope it's the SSD who's failing on me and not the board.


Win disktest is fine with the disk, any ideas on other tools to run to test a SSD?

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I'd take all drives out of the system, boot it up on a CD or something thats got MEMTEST on it, any file errors you get could be files being borked by the RAM.


I certainly wouldn't be running any firmware updates until you know the RAM is fine, if it falls over while its writing to firmware you could end up bricking the machine...




Drives out, boot from USB/Optical and then go from there..

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