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Server 2012r2 on ML30 Gen9


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Step-By-Step: Server 2012R2 Installation on HP ProLiant ML30 Gen9


NOTE: I think this is complete regarding what I have/plan to do but your circumstances may be different and YMMV – this is my recollection of what I have done


Unless otherwise stated all ISO files I ran in iLO4 (after installing Advanced Key) attached to my ML30 Gen9 as virtual image files CD ROM/DVD and folders were attached as virtual folders

·         After my first power up with a Monitor and Keyboard attached so that I could get the IP address – I got into the machine via iLO4 and installed an Advanced Key  http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10736-advanced-ilo-key-on-ml30-gen9/

·         I next went into HP Smart Storage Administrator (“SSA”) by selecting F5 during Post to create a Logical Drive (“LD”) that I can load my OS (i.e. Server 2012R2) onto

·         Created LD01 with 2 Samsung Pro 840 SSDs in RAID0 (attached to Ports 5 & 6) – I chose Ports 5 & 6 off of the System Board because my Hot-Swap HDD Caddy’s had not arrived yet  https://youtu.be/KQXhtoyczxw

·         No other drives were attached to the ML30 Gen9

·         Shut down the machine


Server 2012R2 Installation

·         Attached Server 2012R2 ISO

·         Selected IP “Intelligent Provisioning” F9 during Post and selected custom to retain the OS Logical Drive I had already created

·         IP completed the installation https://youtu.be/i8MU9daRi7Q

·         I next:

o   Changed screen resolution (personal preference YMMV);

o   Ran NETPLWIZ (personal preference YMMV – for awhile there will be a lot of reboots & updates so this is just a time saver for me);

o   Set Time Zone (personal preference YMMV);

o   Enabled Hyper-V (personal preference YMMV – this will be in my home lab);

o   Install desktop function

o   Install server Backup

o   Reboot;

o   I had Set Computer Name during IP – but if I hadn’t this is when I would do it (personal preference YMMV);

o   Reboot;

o   Make sure Updates is set to include all Microsoft products;

o   Began running recommended Updates – multiple reboots;

·         When all Server 2012r2 updates are done then I attached SPP and ran HPSUM in Windows Server to update &/or add missing Drivers (including anything missing in Device Manager) and including install SSA in Windows Server

·         Later in Windows 2012r2 I would run SSA (added earlier by HPSUM) to set up additional logical drives which I would then have to format in (Windows Server) Drive Manager














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Hello Joe_Miner,


As the PSU is smaller than ML10 v2 and Microserver Gen8, do you have an idea of the FAN noises ?

Does it retrace the noise issues encountered on Gen8 servers?


Thank you.

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