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Network Speed Issue in Windows 10 with Gen8 microserver


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Hi, I upgrade my win8.1 microserver to win 10 without problems but some day the network sharing stopped working, i reinstall the broadcom last drivers and it works for a few days. The BASP dont work in win 10 so i configure a bridged network with the 2 NIC of the microserver, and it works to 2.0gbps. 


At the moment every 3 or 4 days my upload speed suffer some issues working only to 1mbps. I reinstall the broadcom drivers and reset microserver and sometimes this work but sometimes not. 

Anyone know a solution? Or Maybe it's bets that I return to win 8.1 with BASP?


Thanks in advance

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NIC bonding is broken on Windows 10.  Don't try and work round the issue.  Just use a single NIC until Microsoft fix the issue.

Oh, I dont know this, I just delete the briged connection and its works. Thanks

Where I can Follow the Windows 10 news about this issue?

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