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Build a playground server


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I apologise for this being my first post and jumping in with a question.


I have looked through parts i felt might answer what im lookign for, but i havent found anything.


What i am looking to do is just have a home server to run ubuntu on with the ability to run some bots off it for my voip and maybe a few other things, nothing extensive or exhaustive, just a playground for me to learn but to have a little juice in it.


I've rented servers before, but like some, i know nothing of what i really need.


I have looked on Ebay and seen a few 1u servers this one in particular




I dont know what i should be getting or looking at, but would this do the job ?


Thank you


Just read on another thread how i should post this question



What is your budget for this build?   upto £150


Have you ever built a computer/server before? Computer yes, server no


How much storage do you need? not really sure, i have a home NAS that i send all my backups to, so it wouldnt be used for backups

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