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Circle by Disney Battery Issue


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Hello guys!

I just got the Circle.

For some reason I cannot get the light working.. so I don't know if the device is on.


I live in Nicaragua and the unit has been stored in Florida since Jan7. SO perhaps I thought the internal battery needed to get "charged" ( I read that somewhere on the meet circle website). But I left it connected to the wall all night, I press the button for 3-4 seconds.. and I get a very dim lights that blinks twice. I don't get a solid blinking light....


Any ideas?


Thanks guys.

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I wonder if you can somewhat start over and get it to work.  Hold the power button for 20 seconds in order to get it to shut down. Then charge it overnight. 

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It sounds like there is a problem with the unit itself.  It may need a charged battery to work even when plugged in but I doubt it.  What are you using to power the device?  Power adapter that came with it?  You might try plugging directly into a PC USB port and see if that makes a difference.  Maybe the wall power adapter is damaged?


Have you tried Circle customer support?  I know you are outside the US but maybe they can trouble shoot via email?

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