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how do you create a windows 7 restore disk


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Hi all,

I've just completed a fresh install of windows 7 onto an ssd. I actually used my "windows 7 upgrade" disk that I bought which technically need XP to be installed first and then the disc upgrades you to win 7, however, I somehow managed to just install win 7 on the blank SSD. And now that I've spent hours completing all the updates, how can I create a image or ISO (not sure which is the correct terminology), so that if the SSD dies, I have a boot / installation image either on a DVD or on my whs2011, that I can use to do a full install of windows 7, with all the updates and drivers, so that  I don't have to go through all the updates again





ps...I am doing a system backup with whs2011 but hoping to also have another method in case that fails

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