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Slow SSD Write Speed B140i ML30 G9


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I have two Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD's attached to ports 5 & 6 (SATA III's) off the System Board -- I set them up in a RAID0 on the B140i and am getting the following performance (the Read speed is good but Writes are awful):





Whereas on the ML10v2 with B120i on Ports 1 & 2 (SATA III's) I had good Writes as well as Read speeds



I'm sure I'm doing something wrong to mess up the Writes but don't know what?

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Assume these are in the Icy Dock MB994SP-4SB-1 (as per your other post), have you tried them out of it. Also, what about trying just 1 disk on it's own.

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Assume these are in the Icy Dock MB994SP-4SB-1 (as per your other post), have you tried them out of it. Also, what about trying just 1 disk on it's own.


They had been hanging free before I moved them to the MB994SP-4SB-1 -- I think my next step would be to go back to the original hanging free and run the tests again.  I think you're right that after that I may need to test the SSDs one at a time.


I thought I could get some things done using ports 5&6 while waiting for my LFF drive caddys to arrive for the main 4 drive bay.

Is write caching enabled? Is it the same as the B120i, i.e. no battery back up available or anything like that?


Pretty much the same as with the B120i in the ML10v2 AFAIK except the ports are SATA III

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I pulled both SSDs out of the MB994SP-4SB-1 and attached them directly to Ports 5 & 6 and got essentially the same sad performance as above


My hot-swap caddies came in the mail today -- that I had ordered from eBay -- so using an icy Dock EZConvert I installed two other Samsung 840 Pro SSDs in slots 1 & 2 (Bays 1&2) of the ML30G9.  I set each as a single drive RAID0 and ran CDM on them:









I think I'll move one SSD to my Gen8 and see what happens

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Is write caching enabled? Is it the same as the B120i, i.e. no battery back up available or anything like that?

Have you checked the cache settings in SSA? I think write cache is turned off by default.

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The B140i doesn't have a battery so write cach is 0 just like the B120i


The same Samsung on Port 2 of the ML30 G9 (B140i) gave a performance of:




I moved it to the G8 MS Port 2 and got (B120i):




So apparently I'm missing something on the B140i (BTW -- don't know if it's related but it's throwing me an error saying the SSDs on Ports 1&2 (no error message on the Samsungs on Ports 5&6) is not HPE and it will not display indicator lights

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Hat tip to Schoondoggy for pointing me to this User Guide http://www.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03909334


I had been looking at a different User guide


Page 44 has info on Enabling the Physical Drive Write Cache State which has helped my write speeds (~490 Sequential Write & ~513 Sequential Reads on a single drive RAID0 SSD but my duoDrive RAID0 SSD pair is stil below 190 Sequential Writes & ~950 Sequential Reads  Capture21_Page44UserGuide_zpsmw5kiw5q.jp



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