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Hey, I had a couple of things to share with you based on listening to 295.


First, here are the cameras I use around the perimeter of my house. 


This is the 2.8mm wide lens model, there's also a 4mm that is closer, but a narrower field of view of course. These are POE, and even include a microphone so you get not only video on your clips, but also audio. I use the 2.8, because at 3MP, I have enough detail to zoom in.

I like these a lot better than bullet cameras, because the profile is a whole lot smaller and lower. They are really hard to see when you look up at the house, and they would be REALLY hard to tear off to steal or disable.


For POE switch, I'm using this one:


The uplink is only 100mbps, but even loaded with 3MP cameras, I'm not hitting but about 30% of that. I set my cameras to 6fps, which is plenty, so that saves on disk and bandwidth.


Regarding your WMC woes, you might consider using this app so that you can make changes while watching time shifted live TV, and add recordings with the app, so that you don't accidentally hose your live TV.


An added benefit, you can configure your network to allow access to this while you are off network, allowing you to manage recordings away from home. Sure, the app for your mobile device is a couple of bucks, but I've found it worth far more for several reasons.


Oh, and the SiliconDust DVR is in beta. I've been running it for a couple of months now. It still has a way to go, but there are some nice things about it. I have some negatives too, but I'll wait and see if they resolve these before release.

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Upon hearing your tales of woe about sports getting cut off at the end, my problem is the opposite - durn sports intrude into the start of my show and i learned to add an hour onto each series that got clobbered.

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