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Synology Router RT1900ac Now available in the U.S.


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Looks like another interesting device with security/safety in mind. If its anything like there great NAS boxes then I am sure its a great single unit product. One interesting thing I noticed on the spec sheet was 

Maximum UPnP rules 64


It looks to me like you can have conditional UPnP rules and apply them only to certain devices like gaming consoles and not open up UPnP to the entire network, That's a big plus if I am reading this right. I believe you can do this in Untangle or was it PFSence? I don't remember but that was a great feature when I was using it.


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SmallNetBuilder reviewed it.  As much as the interface/apps look good, it looks like at least for now, the wireless performance is disappointing.  Not sure software tweaks will be able to fix that.



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