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Greetings to all, I am sorry for my English using google translator!

Question Gen8 owners, want to buy this device MicroServer Gen8 G1610T (819185-421) for DLNA server with transcoding (Win 7 + HMS (use for a long time, I know it, are satisfied)), downloads the server, then describe what I want to do your expect comments:

1) do you think there is enough cpu 1 stream transcoding heavy fullhd 15-40GB

2) I want to expand on the fan blowing (the back is very convenient to install a filter from dust and vacuum it once a week, but judging by the high quantities of temperature sensors wondering how it would work, who can try how the system behaves under such)

3) I think change 1 basket trail on odd and connect ssd 1 cable for the basket full speed SATA 6Gb / c

4) question about AHCI or solo Raid on each disc, I would like to use AHCI easiest option to pull out information on any failures, but like everywhere write that noisy, but somewhere slipped information about patched last bios HP that kind gave 11% of the fan .

5) solo Raid disk initialization information will kill?

6) ssd in solo Raid in Win7 trim will work on samsung 850 evo?

7) to Cart hdd go for 3 pieces 4TB seagate NAS and 1 piece 2tb seagate NAS, as a solo discs.

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I just configured my Gen 8, here's what I found.


Raid won't work if you have 2gb of RAM


The G1610T is struggling in a windows environment to transcode on my plex server, when I run freenas with the plex plugin the transcoding is much smoother.


You can solo raid all the drives, I have a 1TB in 2GB in atm

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