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Can the drives spin down in ahci mode


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Hi there,


I have a gen 8 with windows on odd port and two individual drives in the first two bays on the front.


All running via the b120 controller raid 0 individual.


I would like the have the hard drives spin down after a set period of time, i know you cant do this in raid mode but would this work in ahci mode ?


I know if i did this you can't boot off the odd port any more and would have to use one of the front ports etc.


If i did this do i have to back all my data up on the two front drives before changing to ahci, or would it all still remain ?


I'm just thinking of saving some power while its not in use that all.



Thanks in advance

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Ok thanks for that, and what about my data drives, do i need to backup and restore, or will it stay if i change from raid to ahci ?



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no answer then with my one question ?



I have found that the data remains untouched if changing from the B120i controller to AHCI so you should be fine.


You can also do this with the OS drive but you have to make sure that Windows boots in to safe mode first so that you can change the disk controller driver to AHCI.


I was asking this exact same question to myself a few days back so I thought I'd give it a try.

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Ok thanks MarkC for coming back to me on this.


That is good to know i won't have to back it all up and copy it back again.


So have you already changed over to ahci then.

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No problem!


Yes I went to AHCI because I could not take advantage of Crucial SSD Momentum cache as it does not like using the B120i chipset for some reason.


I never really used RAID anyway so it was not so much of a bother. :)

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Hi MarkC, ok thanks.


So your using one of the main bays to boot from then and leaving the ODD port alone.



Yeah I'm using a main bay for the OS drive.


I have a 2.5" 1tb mechanical drive connected to the ODD port for storage purposes as it is only SATAII. As a result I can imagine this would impede the performance of an attached SSD.

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Ok nice one.


So I think I will move my 2.5" ssd from the odd port to the first bay, then move my two main data drives along one.


Yes I forgot the odd port is only sata II.


This way all my drives will be using sata III then I hope.


Thanks for all help anyway.

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