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Aerial videogrphy/photography?

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You can actually do autonomous flights using a 3rd party app. One of my favorite app is called Litchi. Below is the link to the Litchi Mission Hub where you can see how I was able to assign waypoints and used a radio tower as my point of interest (POI). The Phantom flew the mission, never taking its camera off the subject to accomplish that smooth pan and tilt.


Mission hub: https://flylitchi.com/hub?m=FaaDbnEPs2

Video footage of this practice run:


The video is boring, to be honest. It's a practice run for me to try out the autonomous features. By autonomous, I mean that in this particular flight, the bird flew beyond visual line-of-sight (VLOS) and out of range of both the remote controller and live video feed, 75% of of the whole flight path. It was quite daunting waiting for the drone to come back within range.

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Ever since the DJI Phantom came out a few years ago, I got madly in love with aerial videography. Back then, you'd have to spend anywhere north of $1,300 to get a decent drone, not counting the GoPro

I'm jealous. I've been wanting a drone, but as  you mentioned a good one is quite expensive.  Have fun and post some more videos.

Another one.... Maiden flight at a public venue. The family wanted to tag along, so.   Still figuring out how to clean up the video. Lot's of moire and pixelation happening when watching it from You


It would be cool if he could program it to run the fence line and come back.  I love how you can assign it to follow something.  I'm thinking  program it to follow my kids when they go to the neighbors house.  Then have it return.  Such a fun device.  I wonder if you could take it on a cruise ship and fly it over some glaciers or islands or something?


That's a pretty good idea.

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