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Aerial videogrphy/photography?


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Ever since the DJI Phantom came out a few years ago, I got madly in love with aerial videography. Back then, you'd have to spend anywhere north of $1,300 to get a decent drone, not counting the GoPro or the camera gimbal that you sometimes have to purchase separately. So when DJI decided to slash the price on the Phantom 3 series to celebrate their 10th anniverasary, I was all over it and bought myself a Phantom 3 Standard for under $500.


I'm still learning to fly it AND frame my shots, all at the same time. Not as easy as I hope it would be. If I put it more quantitatively, 90% of my brain seems to be dedicated to trying not to crash or hit any obstacles, leaving very little 'CPU time' to work on my shots.


Took it out yesetrday for a few test flights around the compound.... err, it's a work in progress. ;)



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Pretty cool video.  As soon as I started watching it I could tell you were in Asia.


My brother bought a drone and has done some video and pictures for family and friends.  He also has a part time photography business and is now trying to figure out all the rules, regulations, licenses, etc. that come with operating a drone for a commercial business.

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Thank you. I just found another hobby to fill up the ol' server. I'll try to add more videos as I can. Save for a few parks, there's nothing much to see in the city, but we're going out of town next month and I'll be sure to capture the sights.



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Did my first evening flight last night at an altitude of 122 meters. From where I'm standing, the Phantom looked eerie in the night sky, almost UFO-like. I guess people who may have seen it were mystified. I know I would be.

So here it is:

The video has seen some post-processing using Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13. Filtering out the noise is a compromise, and I did so at the expense of losing some picture detail. You can see the original vs processed versions of the same sample clip below. Shows how bad the Phantom 3 Standard's camera is in low light.


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