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Hard drive missing


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First - Great group - new here.


I've been using WHS v1 for years -- Love it - Love the back up option for systems and have restored a few times with ease.  This morning for some reason I have an error that says that a hard drive is missing.


Steps I have taken:

Rebooted - still missing, then took hard drive to another Win 7 computer (it see's the drive and shows correct capacity as well as the fact that there is data on it - however when I click on the drive it shows empty) --- rebooted win 7 machine -- same thing -- I can tell from capacity and space usage it has data however drive folder shows empty.


At this point I'm a little nervous that 2TB of data is gone with the wind.


I put the hard drive back into the WHS (after it's been sitting for a bit while I was searching solutions) and not it shows it's back again and in healthy status.


Is this drive about to bite the dust?  Do I need to replace?  Thanks in advance.


My System info:

WHSv1 Service Pack 2

Gateway E-4610D

Core2Duo 1.86Ghz

4GB Ram

6 hard drives (Probably need to update all drives)

Os Drive is Raid 1 250Gb x 2

Data Drives 2TB, 1.5TB x2, & 1TB drive



** Follow-up question -- since I have 6 drives in this machine is it time to upgrade all the drives?  2TB would be the newest so I'm concerned it is possibly the first to go out **  

Yes I've been lucky enough to not have any issues --- BTW - open space is only about 171 GB (yes it's full)

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The Event Logs will yield insight into this.  2GB or 2TB   Can you fell the drive spinning?


2TB -- Sorry about that -- I edited and fixed -- Yes I can fell the drive spinning - it's showing healthy now ---  What am I looking for in the event log specifically?

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All data would be stored in a hidden "DE" Folder. You need to enable "Show Hidden files" to see it. 



As for fixing the issue in WHS... there isn't a good solution here. Once the pool breaks, you're pretty much SOL. 

At best: http://web.archive.org/web/20100325211426/http://wiki.wegotserved.com/index.php?title=Migrate_Shares_and_Backups_to_New_System

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