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Windows 7 or Windows 10?


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Hi all,

I have only just managed to get my server going (Phew! Only took me half a year! No big deal! Haha)


At the moment, it's running windows 7. However I have the pop up to upgrade it to Windows 10

so... do I go Win10 or stick with Win7? Which will give me the best performance?


The server will be used mainly as a plex server (and also for storing all my home family videos and photos!

I also only have 2gb ram on it... but I might upgrade to an extra 8gb stick (if it's worth doing it? Is it?)


I'm after the best performance. It's got a 1gb low profile hdmi gpu card in it (I forget which - radeon something that I had on my N40L) which will be connected to my tv.


My old N40L, I'll install freenas and will serve as..well... extra storage space for this server.


Thanks for the input!

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I'm surprised you are able to live within 2gb of ram. I am not an advocate for win10, in fact in my home we are sticking with 7/8 until there is a cablecard solution other than wmc. I am not sure how your cpu is but I ended up giving more CPU to two of my boxes to handle plex's demands for transcoding as it doesn't seem to take advantage of the GPU for that activity.

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Windows 10 = security updates as Win 7 won't be getting them, I would just get another 2GB ram for cheap off ebay


I have Freenas running on my Celeron Gen 8, I have watched movies on my iPad, Samsung Smart TV and Xbox with no problems. 


I am installing Windows to stop the neighbors complaining about the fan noise.

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If you're running Windows 7 Pro 64b you would be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro 64b which would have Hyper-V if you were ever inclined to want that.


For sure I would upgrade my RAM -- at least 4GB but more is better, IMO.

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Thanks all. Well Win 7 and Plex seem to be working well

I am running Drivepool as well:

2 x 3tb

1x 2tb

1x 1tb


Corsair Force GT 120gb SSD for OS.


When I turn off pagefile, I keep getting this error message when I start windows saying I'm running temporary pagefile because what I've set is either too low or something etc etc (I can't remember)

So for the time being, I have Windows manage my pagefile on both C drive and my drivepool :( It seems to get rid of the error message tho.


I will get another 8gb ram stick this weekend or next week.


Plex seems to be working fine tho (I'm running Radeon 5405 1gb ram or something - I can never remember which gpu) and it's set to stream at 10mb 1080 or something (first time using Plex)


So... if I'm going to upgrade my Ram anyway - should I update to Win 10 or stick with Win 7?

No other use for this server apart from Plex and as a backup of my home photos and home movies.


I'm about to configure my old N40L server now as freenas and will move the movies from the Gen 8 to there. (I will run an SSD - I have a 60gb I think as OS - or should I reuse an old 300gb Raptor drive as OS?)

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windows 10 is fine once you block all the callhomes

but for a server its a tad useless

as microsoft  will just reboot it on a whim for an update


i have kept my server on win 8.1

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Do the in place upgrade to Win 10 anyway ahead of the end July deadline for the free upgrade. Then rollback to Win 7. Once they stop the Win 7 support at least you'll have a free upgrade path to Win 10.



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