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N36L Shutting down


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So, I’ve been using my N36L recently to rip my DVD collection, however its started playing up.

It boots up fine, but then sometime after* it beeps a few times, and then shuts down. The HP logo on the front goes orange, and pressing the power button doesn’t start it up again, and I need to pull power to restart it.

* If the server hasn’t been on for a while that may be 15-30 mins, if it’s already shutdown once, then it may only last a few mins before it shuts down again.

The server only has 1 HDD in it, and a DVD-Rom, and I think 4GB of (non ECC) memory.

Anyone seen this. Suspect that maybe something is going (power supply?), as though its mainly off now, it used to be on 24*7 for maybe 4+ years.



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