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Windows Phone 7 Thoughts


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My thoughts on Windows Phone 7. So far everything I have seen looks good. It looks to be a great gaming device although that's not a reason I would buy it. I like the social aspects of it but I don't use Facebook a lot. Maybe once every month. I have other stuff to look into first!


I like the fact that you won't have to search through a dozen apps to see all your photos although I'm not crazy about lumping facebook crapola into the phone's main areas. Mainly contacts. Who wants to open your contacts and have all your fb friends in there? I don't.


One thing I can say is if it has any screen that remotely looks like Windows Mobile of old it will be a failure in my eyes. I hope we don't see scroll bars or any of the old screen formatting that was used in winmo.


It will be hard to choose a Win7 phone if Verizon actually gets the iPhone. Speaking of VZW and iPhone. AT&T has stated it will be the premier carrier for Win7 phones. Isn't that proof right there that they will lose exclusivity of the iPhone soon?

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Guest no-control

I really want one mainly because I'm so tied into the M$ ecosystem already. If the office web apps takes off and if they can replace that piss poor email (hotmail) with a web version of outlook (hell even windows mail!) that has the same basic features as gmail, i would be stoked. I'm not sure why M$ sits around with their thumb up their ... but if they take notice and pull it off I'll be happy. The fact its going to ATT 1st blows as I have VZN right now. I'm really hoping for an EVO DroidX type of WP7 in the near future.


My iPhone was ok, but it didn't work very well with windows for sync and contacts etc...The store really is well structured though


My Droid is even less cohesive and makes me work a bit harder, sync is non existant, media player is similar to my early y2k mp3 player, mail sync is good but, store is complete mess. If I was a part of the Googlverse it might be less painful. I tried but gmail etc... just all feels very unpolished.

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I'm curious to see how well the W7P hardware requirements go over.


Basically there's a few minimums that the hardware manufactures have to been in order to release a W7P-compatible phone (ie, processor speed, 5MP camera etc), but other than that, they've basically got free reign.


I'm particularly interested to see what sort of phone/camera web + desktop apps start to drop since the sheer number of people working with Microsoft developer tools for a living dwarfs the number of iPhone/Android developers. (Just to be clear, I'm talking about people relying on MS tools for their primary income, not doing little phone app projects for fun/extra cash).


I also think that they're no where near to being ready for any sort of Enterprise/business integration. Blackberry has that market sewn up tight, and given Microsoft's history with the phone I think it'd be a mistake for a stable business to switch.

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Sincerely looking forward to it. I've been making my Windows Mobile 6.5 phone work, but I'm definitely ready for something new. I'm happy about the hardware requirements. To be honest, there've been quite a few poor Windows Mobile devices caused by underpowered hardware (Palm *cough*).


Some things to note on the new platform:


1) Sorry Dave, but buried in there, you will find some of the old Windows Mobile screens. Just can't rewrite everything and still get it into the market. It still is a great step forward.


2) No real sync capability. ActiveSync is finally dead (yea!). If you want to merge data on your PC with your Windows phone, you'll need to get it up into the "cloud", then have both your phone and your desktop link up.


What I'm still unclear on is the whole contacts thing. Since it shares some of the same services as XBox Live!, I'm worried that my gaming buddies will end up on my phone. I still like to maintain multiple social circles, and my gaming circle is definitely one I do not want mixing with the others. If it ends up working like the social media connectors in Outlook, I'll be a lot more happy. Basically, I maintain a specific contact list, and the social media sites only augment information for those contacts I choose.

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I am also looking forward to the new phone. I love the Zune HD and the interface. The question is - how will each phone manufacturer implement the OS. I am sure MS is not going to get into the hardware side like Apple.


I was alway trying to get away from the MS conglomerate by using linux, blackberry / droid just because I never trusted one company to rule my life. But now I find myself trusting google with all my cloud data - I think I am better off with MS now. Since I started to Beta test win7 and use WHS I find myself trusting MS more and more as the past years have rolled on. I killed my Ipod for a ZuneHD and I couldn't be happier.


Anyway what I mean to say is that I want the Win7 phone to be a great product. Tying in windows live tools - xbox - whs - media - libraries etc .... I don't want win7phone to be one of those MS projects that they release and then put on the shelf. I want this phone to link myself to every thing I run (if that makes sense) that runs MS products.

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I am holding off on a new phone until early next year, until the fabled Verizon iPhone appears or not. I really want to get

a Win7 phone, but the lack of appropriate medical apps is a killer for me, and they aren't likely to appear anytime soon

if ever. Don't get me wrong, I love my Zune and detest iTunes. I just don't want to carry 2 devices if one will do. Now

if said iPhone doesn't appear, I don't know which way I go. Android is better than my Omnia 910, but it also lacks the apps.

Stuck with VZW (not a bad thing) as my employer pays for my phone. Waiting, waiting...

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...but the lack of appropriate medical apps is a killer for me, and they aren't likely to appear anytime soon

if ever...


A little off-topic, but I seriously have a friend that still has one of the original Sprint phones and a Palm that she carries around. She's finally ready to go smartphone, but has a similar hangup as she's a Nurse Practitioner. I found this website that looked very informative, but wasn't sure if you knew of any others...



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No, I wasn't aware of that one, but I will check it out. Epocrates is my must have app and

it's android app is still in beta after many months. I e-mailed them and they aren't even

thinking of a winphone 7 app for now, so it's a long way off. As no-control said, I'm also

in the MS ecosystem so a win7 phone would be great. I refuse to use iTunes, but need my apps

which the iPhone rules supreme with med apps. So for the next few months will hobble along

with winmo as I have done for years, which is getting more painful all the time.

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