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HP PL Microserver Gen8 with Intel i7-3770s and kingston


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Good morning all


I have just bought a new Microserver Gen8 with the aim to install VMWare Exsi 6.0 on it


My company has decommissioned a new server few days ago and I got an i7-3770s, 2 x kingston kvr16n11/8 and 4x WD Black Disks (500GB)

All components are compatible with each other since they were running without any problem in the old server


I bought the basic version of the Microserver with 4GB of ram and an Intel Celeron processor

When I swapped the system and I put the new components the Microserver does not post


What I tried


1) i7-3770s and original 4GB ram

1) Result =  Status code 0114 at 90% - Does not post


2) i7-3770s and 2x kingston ram

2) Result =  Status code 0114 at 90% - Does not post


3) Intel Celeron and 2x kingston ram

3) Result =  Status code 0114 at 90% - Does not post


4) Intel Celeron and 4GB ram (This is how I bought the server so it must work)

4) Result =  Post successfully BUT the 4 x WD Black disks do not appear in in the disk management system (To be honest I have not looked in depth yet)



Memory Specs

  • 2x 8GB module of 1600MHz DDR3 Memory (PC3-12800)
  • 240-Pin Unbuffered DIMM


Processor Specs

  • Model: Intel Core i7 Processor i7-3770S
  • Socket: LGA 1155
  • Clock Speed 3.1 GHz
  • Core Count: 4
  • Intel Smart Cache: 8 MB
  • Graphics Base Frequency: 650 MHz



I have read several post in this blog regarding how to make them working but without success


The closest post I have found is the one below:



It is a bit controversial since in some says that it can be done with a bios update in some says that it cannot be done. 


Could you please help me to figure out if this is actually possible


Thank you

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AFAICT the BIOS on the microserver doesn't include microcode for the i7 CPUs. The CPU compatibility list only includes Celerons, i3 and Xeon CPUs. I don't think any CPUs that don't support ECC are on the compatibility list (i3s seem to support ECC even though Intel doesn't list them as such).

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So if I understand correctly 

  • The i7-3770s might support ECC despite the fact Intel officially does not support it
  • The Microserver does not have any i7 processor in the compatibility list because officially any i7 processor is not supported
  • Your statement is based on i3 so if i3 theoretically can support ECC the question is why i7 can't (This is a hope more that a deduction )

Now is it really worth to give a try and go ahead with a BIOS update? Is a simple HP bios update able to add i7 in the compatibility list and be able to post?


Unfortunately I think to know the answer


Thanks for your comment

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i3 CPUs support ECC RAM on "server type" chipsets like the one Gen8 has. The i7 might have the same support, but like Gordan said, there's no microcode support on the Gen8 BIOS (so far). A BIOS update won't solve your problem, not until HP officially releases a BIOS with i7 microcode for the GEN8.

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Thank you


I decided to give up with the i7 and opted for the advised E3-1265L V2....


After 1 day of research I have discovered that it is easier to find the famous action comics number 7 that this processor


Any idea on how to support 6 VMs without the E3-1265L V2 or E3-1265L



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