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RWA dns updates

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So I'm running into a frustrating issue with Remote Web Access now that I've setup my pfsense router to act as an openvpn client. The problem is the .remotewebaccess domain name is being updated to the VPN IP, which is the behavior I would expect. I need to manually set a firewall rule so that the outbound dns updates from the server will go through the wan gateway rather than the vpn one on the router, however I have no idea what Ip's are being contacted. Anyone have any ideas?

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Drashna Jaelre

That's a .... very complicated.


IIRC, you will need custom routing paths, IIRC.  


While there may be somebody that knows how to do this (sorry, I don't), you may be best asking on the pfSense forums for advice.

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In theory I already know how to work around the issue as I already have some port and IP based rules in place for using the real wan gateway for things such as connecting to game servers and whatnot, and those are working fine while all other traffic is routed through the vpn...I guess to be more specific all I need to know is what servers the built in dns updater is contacting in order to have my real wan address updated. 

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Could you do a bit of wireshark to try see where the traffic is going?


Do you need the server to talk through the VPN at all?

Could you route all it's traffic through regular WAN?


Or maybe just route the traffic you need from it through VPN?

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