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Ubiquiti UniFi Users?


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I have a UAP-AC-PRO on order myself.  I wanted the standard PoE so I didn't need the injector.


Sadly, they're on backorder everywhere due to demand, but I'm patient.  Should be here week 3-4 of March.  I'll either run the controller software off my primary server OS, or off a HyperV VM running on it.

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Just usage stats really. The controller is a bit of a misnomer as its really just a config and monitoring tool. If you want to run a portal on there (e.g. paying guests) then the controller needs to

The mobile app requires a minimum firmware version on the AP to work. As you're getting this AP from eBay, it may have a very old version of firmware on it. You can upgrade via SSH or just install the

Odd. It shouldn't abruptly stop forwarding traffic and the CPU is capable of running the AP at maximum load. It sounds like buggy firmware to me.  I'd still advise you to shift as much as possible o

Got impressed with the first one so I ordered two more to replace all remaining APs.


As far as testing, 24 connected clients on the lone UAP-AC-LR and it didn't even break a sweat.

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After checking on AWS it seems that this is not cost effective for my use. It would be nice to have access to the three Unifi networks I have in service. Any ideas?

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My UAP-AC-PRO has arrived, and replaced my ASUS RT-AC87R as the wireless source on my network.


I'm running the Unifi Controller on my server from a HyperV Gen2 virtual machine with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, taking 20GB of hard drive space, and 4GB of RAM is allocated, though I could probably drop that down with no issues. Band Steering is turned on, set to push clients towards 5GHz.


I currently have the following devices connected:

iPhone 6 - 5GHz AC

iPhone 5c - 5GHz AC

My laptop - 5GHz 3-stream N (Intel 6300N)

Buffalo AC1300 wireless bridge - 5GHz AC, this connects my wife's workstation and our Dell 3100cn color laser to the network via its 4-port gig switch

Emerson Sensi wireless thermostat - 2.4GHz N


Part-time devices:

Google Nexus 6 phone - 5GHz AC

Microsoft Lumia 640 phone - 2.4GHz N


So far, I have had zero issues.  Throughput and coverage is excellent.  It is doubtful I'll need more than one access point for the whole house.  The AP gets PoE from a Netgear GS110TP switch, which plugs into my Cisco SG300-10MPP switch (backbone). For $140 plus shipping, it has been worthwhile for me.

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picking up an old thread... I have two AC-Lite devices, both work with 'standard' poe or the included dumb adapter, the box front shows that. and now when I am on tunein I am able to jump between the two zones without a pause / resync in the audio. I don't have a ton of wifi but I did set up some separate vlans and SSIDs so I can keep my cloud-cam totally isolated on one set and my govee sensor hub on another. I think one needs some 'faith' to let the controller set up stuff without diddling right to the AP but when I added my second AP it did the job quickly with no fuss. I have mixed feelings about the possibility of the controller setting up a unif switch should I buy one someday...

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I still have all four UniFi APs and still host the Controller on my Plex server (Windows) which is 24x7 anyway. I've been wondering if a dedicated Controller (ie. Cloud Key) would help streamline my setup but I just relegated it as an extra expense I don't need.


That said, in the last year, I've started losing faith on Ubiquiti's approach to releasing software updates. It seems that lately, they've been getting very sloppy with QA. The upgrade from UniFi Controller 5.x to 6.x was particularly disruptive. It appears that Ubiquiti has set a very low bar on software and firmware releases, oftentimes, they'll have software marked as "Stable" or "General Release" breaking a previous functionality or feature.  For that, I'm still on UniFi 5.14.23 to this day. 


And then recently, they released a firmware update for the Cloud Key Gen 2 that broke multi-site management, which was then fixed today.


I understand that bugs are a thing even on Stable releases, but the level of mistakes being made I think should've been something that was caught in Alpha or Beta, not in Stable/General releases. As a customer, this doesn't bestow much confidence in their testing process...


Unless I am an unwilling participant of their testing process. Yikes!

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I’ve noticed this as well. I never take their update when provided. Usually wait a while to see what they break!
I rarely go into their dashboard either. I find it messy and confusing. Having said all that it is working and has been for a while. I never have to touch the AP’s.

I’m on the dream machine and wish it had more family router features. I’m close to selling it and going back to the Synology router.

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Hmm. It seems that I have been lucky so far. I normally update the AP's and controller when there is an update available - not instantly, but I'm not actively waiting for other people to discover bugs.


True, the dashboard is confusing - but it also covers quite a bit of functionality that, granted, is overkill for even the experienced home user.


I have never tried the Synology router (although I'm a big Syno fan). It looks very nice on their homepage. But that's only a single accesspoint, right?  I have 4 AP's that covers the entire hours and garden. It works flawlessly. 

Each of my two kids have their own 802.11ac AP mounted in the ceiling so that they get 866Mbs per PC 😁. (Clearly, their dad is an IT guy...).

What family router features are you using/missing? Just curious.

I have the Ubiquiti router as well. It has some really nice statistics where you can see what applications are using how much bandwith and stuff.

Also, I've activly blocked a number of countries in the router - that reduced the number of attacks a lot!

So, all in all, i'm a very happy Ubiquiti customer.

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I had a surprise with the latest major update to controller, but once I understood what they did i realized the new 'model of the world' was a good improvement going forward. Since I had only one AP at the time it was a minor turbulence. However i find i frequently have to set my IOT NIC port to be 'private lan' after a controller update, so I have a little script I run when that happens.

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Am running a mix of Unifi equipment in home environment and can’t imagine using anything else. Have 2 managed PoE switches and 6 APs. APs are a mix of high density devices carefully set to low power and non-conflicting channels: nanoHD, AC HD and AC Pro units indoors and outdoors. While I do run early release betas that community members deem stable, I’m certainly not on their bleeding edge releases. Untangle NGFW is my firewall, router and DHCP server and have a raspberry pi as DNS server.

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