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Thinking of doing a NAS build with XPEnology.


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You can check, but ALL of their ITX boards are "SoC" boards. Ever last one (I just checked). 


While that's not bad, the other issue: A lot of SuperMicro boards are hard to source for average consumers. 

I have had no problem purchasing SuperMicro boards and complete Super Servers in the past as long as Newegg/Amazon sells it we can purchase it. Lots of Supermicro stuff is available on Newegg/Amazon so its never been a problem for me.

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Can't believe it but your right Drashna. All SuperMicro mini-ITX are SOC and or 1 PCIe slot.

yeah, I know. I've been looking at Mini-ITX systems a lot lately (for reasons :) ), and ASRock Rack and SuperMicro are my go to for server systems. 


It's really disappointing too, because I've really fallen in love with SuperMicro stuff. Except the prices... 


Thanks for the info. I understand what your saying about going with the "L" version but i am very reluctant to go with it becouse this will be more then just a file server, I need this server to do real-time trans-coding  with Plex and I would also like this server to run my XProtect NVR for all my IP cameras as well as run XPEnology. I think this is a lot of demand on one server and I have a feeling going with a low power CPU in my case will not be a good thing, Please correct me if I am wrong. I am really torn between this board and the ASRock C2750D4I Mini ITX Server Motherboard , This board seems to pack a lot of punch. It just sucks that it has a mix of Intel/Marvel SATA2/3 controllers unlike this board we are talking about it has 6 SATA3's all Intel. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157475


According to everything I been reading about with the ASRock C2750D4I it handles Plex real-time trans-coding multiple streams like a champ, See link below for confirmation-


Well, something to keep in mind, Clock speed isn't as important as it used to be.  The number of cores may make more impact here. 


And unless you're wanting to run a bunch of HD streams at the same time, a "L" class Xeon may be a really good investment. 

I'm also just very wary of SoC systems. I like flexibility, even if I never upgrade. I like having the option. :)

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