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How do you leave a windows domain for a workgroup?

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thanks guys,


Just being reading quite a few instances on lenovo's forum where driver problems occurred on the lenovo T420's after upgrading to win 10. Seem sto be a bit of pot luck whether they work and /  stay working (such as USB/Wifi adapters and fingerprint sensors). I'll mull it over during the weekend..... Possibly something due to SandyBridge, whereas the T430, which is the follow on to the T420, is Ivybridge



I would not trust the backups created with whs2011/wse2012 I would instead download 'Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE' to do your bare-metal backup and use a share on the whs2011 as the backup target. Veeam is very reliable and its free, whs2011/wse2012 not so much, I have had way to many restores not work for one reason or another. https://www.veeam.com/endpoint-backup-free.html

As jmwills said you should also be able to use the OS restore function to get back to Windows 7 as long as you don't delete the old files threw 'disk cleanup'

hoping not to digress too much here but....interesting too that you've had problem with the BMR, it does seem that quite a few of the homeserver community are either moving way from windows servers (home or otherwise) or at lat least supplementing them with an off the shelf NAS from synology or Qnap, and using veem and acronis type applications or even the OS itself (win 7 onwards) to restore and backup their computers.

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