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WHS 2011 C: drive Filled UP Today


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My system is now running off one 4 TB drive.   The C drive is the standard 60 GIG partition.  I guess a Microsoft update filled the C drive up.  I found under tmp there was 35 GIG of space being used.  I deleted all the files under tmp and now my server seems to be running fine.  I also noticed shadowcopy was on so I turned it off.  I wonder if it was partly to blame.

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Shadow copies should be purged if there is low disk space, so thats not to blame.


however, the updates... that's normal. Unfortunately.


And so is Microsoft. 60GB is okay for most cases, but it is TOO easy to fill up. And if it's completely full "bad things happen", as Windows can freak out.

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If you decide to rebuild, I would recommend you use a separate OS drive rather than a partition in a bigger drive.

And a SSD for the system drive, specifically.  Especially with how cheap they've become.

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Your not to blame Coxhaus,

I recently have installed WHS 2011 Four Times over the last month with my C: Drive Filling up within 7 Days of the new Install.

The Windows Temp Directory has had around 21GB of Log files in there, that I have had to delete.

I believe it is an issue with makecab.exe and effects numerous MS OS.(2008 R2)

You will find there is .cab file generation every 30 mins @ around 40mb+. (This is not being Compressed)

My usual install of WHS 2011 sits around 28gb but has been growing to the 60gb allocated OS Space.

The Solution for myself was to Delete all the Log Files in <windows>\Logs\CBS Folder and to Delete every .cab_xxxx in <windows>\Temp Folder.

(I Deleted the Contents of Both Folders, Temp & CBS)

After this process the regeneration of logs were compressed properly with makecab.exe.

This Process Fixes the Issue For WHS 2011

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