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Hello All,


I'm relatively new to the server world. I helped my friend with the IT side of his business a few years ago, originally he had set it up to work as a homegroup using standalone PC's.


I explained that a server would be the best way forward as it allows much control over what user's can and cannot see - I took on the challenge of setting up the server (it's actually a spare PC with server 2012 installed), configuring all the existing PCs (in some cases I had to upgrade the OS to Professional so they could join a domain!) and get everything talking - took a bit of time but I did it and it's been working fine ever since.


Now recently he's expanded the business and as a result there is now a need for one staff member to work remotely. Research on the internet told me that Hyper-V would need to be installed so that Remote App could work and allow certain apps to be ran remotely.


I went to install Hyper-V but it couldn't install stating the PC didn't meet the requirements.


I'm guessing that the reason why it failed is the processor within the machine doesn't support virtualisation - I need to check this though.


My friend has said that if a newer machine is needed then go ahead and buy one. I found a good deal on a new Dell PowerEdge T20 (Pentium G3220) Tower Server here in the UK for £186.99 - I'm still finding out if this machine supports Hyper-V or not but can anyone confirm that Hyper-V is what I need to get Remote App working?





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To be honest, this is a very advanced configuration. 


Any of the Remote Desktop technology gets complicated and expensive quickly. So you may want to contact a Microsoft Partner for assistance on this. That way yo ucan get everything properly setup and configured. 



That said, if you're using Essentials or the Essentials experience, and you don't mind "questionably legal", there is the WSE RemoteApp program:


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